ultimate performances I really want to watch live

If I have enough money, of course.
  1. Les Miserables, with competent casts please (cynically pointing to 25th anniversary concert)
  2. Phantom of the Opera
  3. Riverdance
  4. Liverpool FC vs Manchester United at Anfield stadium
  5. Josh Groban
  6. Vienna Boys’ Choir
  7. The Cavaliers Drums and Bugle Corps
  8. Real Madrid CF vs FC Barcelona, either at Santiago Bernabeu or Nou Camp, doesn’t really matter
  9. Beethoven’s the ninth, by a top class orchestra
  10. The Nutcracker (ballet)
  11. Giselle (ballet)
  12. Joshua Bell (again…he’s not going to retire/die soon, is he?)
  13. (authentic) Kecak dance
  14. New Zealand Rugby National Team
  15. Deutschland Nationalmannschaft
  16. Wicked the musical

…and I realize the longer I live, the longer the list…unfortunately not the money