places to go before I die

Okay. I dunno why this comes to my mind suddenly in the middle of ADM 280 class, but it’s kinda interesting for me at the moment to list the places I want to go later, before I have to leave this world.

Western Europe & Great Britain:

  1. Liverpool [England]
    Of course to watch some matches and feel the amazing atmosphere of Liverpool Football Club. Also to visit some Beatles’ memorials.
  2. Paris [France]
    The most romantic city in the world, they say, a place to find love. Also after I took this art subject, I want to go to Louvre, to see such amazing paintings. And once is not enough 😛
  3. London [England]
    “There’s no place like London…” -Sweeney Todd-
  4. Swiss
    Last time I didn’t go there because it needs separate visa. Their mountains look just adorable…like the ones in Ricola adv 😆

Southern Europe:

  1. Barcelona [Spain]
    though I’m against FC Barcelona, the city itself is a beautiful city, with some of amazing architectures.
  2. Jerusalem [Israel]
    the holy city. I just want to feel the city where Jesus lived, especially in special Christianity moments like Easter or Christmas. Well of course not in the middle of a war.
  3. Greece
    I love Greek mythology since I was a kid. I don’t believe in their gods, but I really want to see their temples, and also their beautiful white houses.
  4. Hagia Sophia [Turkey]
    a beautiful historical site. Although it’s a mosque now.
  5. Venice
    the gondola seems so romantic, even though everybody said it’s damn expensive.

Eastern Europe:

  1. Prague (Praha)
  2. Moscow
    St Basil’s Cathedral, Kremlin…

Asia & Australia:

  1. Japan
    But not to Tokyo, please.
  2. Great Barrier Reef [Australia]
    I have been to Australia before, and I regret that I didn’t visit this beautiful site 😦 . And yeah, I want to hug a koala again! 😉
  3. China
    I’m a chinese, and somehow I want to go to my ancestors’ place. But China is categorized as the place whom I want to visit not in my youth time…maybe sometime in my middle age…


  1. Grand Canyon & Niagara Falls
    hopefully can get them in one package someday…^^
  2. Machu Picchu [Peru]

Update for June 2008: I only reach Paris (take a look at this and this), but that was not enough!! 😀