A very Chinese-looking girl stuck in Singapore with zero ability to speak in her ancestors’ language. And no intention to learn it.

Still four years till I can be free from this island. Preparing to take a big step in life after that.

I’m melancholic, so I’ve learned to protect myself by being hard on myself and others.

I am able to forgive others. It’s just the scar is staying for much longer time and I prefer to prevent any more damage by avoiding.

A football follower. A Kopite (I’d love to get a tattoo of Liverbird). Use to love Formula 1 but not any more.

I have this weird obsession of Germany (and Europe). Like I will never be satisfied until I live my life there.

The only workout that I like is swimming. I don’t like running (it hurts my palm of feet). Or maybe it’s just me being too ansos.

I am a soprano, and very curious to know which kind of soprano (or mezzo?) I belong to.

I can’t stand organic patterns. They scared me. And also most of life creatures other than mammals and aves. So bye bye scuba diving.

I’m musical. In my own way.

Loves European comics: Tintin and Asterix

A proud alumni of Putri Santa Ursula Marching Brass : snare drum ’01-’05, sextet ’06-’07


red, white, and green to the bone.