asian eyes

by livergirl

this thought started again on Glee’s episode ‘Born This Way’. There’s this one scene when Rachel pointed out that Tina also had insecurities and dissatisfaction over her brown eyes. Well although I hate the character Tina (because she dated Mike Chang!), but I can’t help but thinking about people like her.

Then I saw these videos and Women around the world are pressurized and not satisfied of their bodies, always try to be skinny and all, but it seems that we, asians, have more problem because of our facial features. The videos also pointed out to me that asian girls who live in non-asian countries, I think they are pressurized even more than us who see other asians in large basis everyday.

Let’s face it. Generally we hate our eyes. They’re small, and some (like me) don’t even have (double) eyelids. When I google ‘eyelid’ there’s a link about the double eyelid surgery in the first page. In some weddings where I’m involved in Indo, I was told to use this tape for ‘creating’ that eyelid. Yes, we are that ashamed of our eyes.

For me…well I never truly happy with my eyes, to be honest, but I have come at peace with them. They have been fully functioned for the last 22 years (save it from a small scale of myopia) and I am grateful to be able to see the world through the best quality lenses, made by the Creator.

I remember someone once said that I’m not at all accept my looks because I like to wear makeup. I disagree. If I don’t accept my face, I’ll consider a plastic surgery. I wear makeup because, as I’ve said before, I’m not truly happy with my face, especially my eyes. Most of the time it’s just difficult to see right to the mirror and think that the girl standing before you is beautiful, as in pretty in the face.

I’m sure a lot of girls feel the same way.

That’s why we all need someone who thinks that we are.