what would I take

by livergirl

inspired by this blog: http://the-burning-house.com/, I decided to make my what-would-I-take-when-the-house-is-burning list

clockwise from upper left:

  • my boots, the most practical footwear I can think of
  • Jason (mp3 player) & Oliver (headphone), the latter was the latest birthday present from bffs (:
  • all my notes from last 3 years in university. Should be useful to start over.
  • goggles. Not a sentimental choice at all, but I think it’s really practical for everything related to protect my eyes.
  • cap with German Football Team logo. Because obviously I love die Nationalmannschaft and this was a present from NTU-ISCF exco 09/10 team so this will remind me of them (:
  • my sleeping bag (the yellow thingy on the edge) just in case I need to sleep in some uncomfortable place temporarily.
  • Klara, my violin. I know it’s very impractical but I love her too much.
  • my PSUMB jacket. Too many memories written with me wearing it. Losing it to fire is like losing a huge part of half of my life.
  • ticket journal, to remind me of awesome shows I’ve been
  • Holy Bible, to show me the way. I’d bring the smallest one, though, for practical reasons.
  • my two photo albums. the blue one is for my most treasured photos from age 5-18. The yellow one is for my trip to Europe, 2008.
Not shown:
  • Selena, my seagate harddisk. Forgot to place her in the picture and too lazy to re-take.
  • Andy, my phone. Same reason.