by livergirl

Finally now I have some time to be galau on my birthday (:

So, yes, I’m 22 now. Not that old, but not that young. Old enough to take responsibility of myself, that’s for sure. I am nowhere near my dream but since I’ve unofficially graduated now, I think it’s safe to say that I’ve taken the next step. Looking forward to the first year as a graduate and enter the working world. Not that I’m excited…I’m just looking forward to it.

Not much that I wish for this year…just a better relationship with God (personal and in ministries), job where I can enjoy my time, and that I’ll be able to keep my friendships through this transition time. Oh well maybe a lot of money so I can save for Europe! *obsessions die hard, man* (anyway my mom called just now and offer a grad trip but since I only wanted to go to either Istanbul or Liverpool, I think it’s better to get me something else 😛 ).

These days I’ve been thinking about this ‘end of an era’ thing. Although the age 22 does not signify something so huge like 17 or 21, this is definitely a milestone. And even the universe seems to think so. Like Harry Potter finally come to an end after 10 years of my childhood (I still remember the first time I saw the book in a book store in Melbourne) . Like King Kenny came back to his throne to start a hopeful new season. Like the last drops of my absolut vodka. Like this presentation which accidentally falls on this day, which is the last assignment towards my graduation.

An era end, the next starts. And soon I’ll be packing my things to a new place, start my life in a new environment. Now it doesn’t seem scary but knowing myself, I know for sure that I’ll be panic like the week before. But I’m sure it’s gonna be ok…and I got a lot of plans for years to come: start a new blog, resuming Deutsch lessons, join another choir, try pilates, and if I have enough money, start learning a woodwind instrument (how I wish I was younger but richer! hahaha)

This has been a bumpy four years, but somehow I know it’s necessary. And I’m glad for finishing what I have to finish. There are times when even I am tempted to quit, or at least abandon. But as I always say to myself, I’m not a quitter, and I will finish what I have committed myself into. I dare not to say that I’ve done my best in this four years of my life, because I realized that I made mistakes, but it’s good to know that I made them, rather than never realized the fact.


Twenty-two’s gonna be challenging, but I guess I’m up to it.