by livergirl

Just like millions of girls around the world, I got very dreamy when watching the royal wedding yesterday and just somehow can’t stop talking about it. I was just mesmerized by the beauty of the Abbey, its tunes, and of course, the clothes that everybody wore that day. Love to see beautiful dresses, suits, coats altogether in the same time (although there were some questionable hats). Plus cute boys and girls as the bridesmaids and pageboys ❤

And of course, the beauty of the marriage ceremony. Well I hope they’ll honour their vows, but in the meantime, it was just so beautiful to see two people making  a promise to marry each other. And not just because it was a royal wedding, because I see the beauty every time I attend a wedding solemnization in churches.

Although it’s one heck of a promise which I personally think I might never be able to mean it (doesn’t mean that I’m not trying, though), it’s always lovely to see people who are willing to commit themselves into the promise.

At least three weddings coming up in the next two months…excited (: