by livergirl

It was a material from KTB book which I got the chance to lead, which was quite some time ago. But I really like this topic…because it’s highly metaphorical and I found a lot of interesting facts.

Most of us must be quite familiar with the parable of Salt & Light.

2. What is salt used for?

It is used metaphorically to signify permanence, loyalty, durability, fidelity, usefulness, value, and purification. It is also essential for animal (and human) life in small quantities, and apparently essential in small for land also (Deu 29:23).

Why in small? Because I believe if we truly spread God’s love, a small dose is enough even to make a difference in people’s lives. And since we have been given plenty, it doesn’t stop with one life, rather, we are meant to spread it to many. And it also doesn’t stop with people, because we can ‘season’ the land, too.

Some references from the Bible era:

  • Num 18:19, Lev 2:13, Exo 30:35 –> essential part of offering & incense
  • Eze 16:4 –> salt is to be rubbed to newborn babies (a common practice in that area until 1910s)
  • Mark 9:50 –> As something that ‘seasons’ positive relationship (–> building friendship)

3. What is light used for?

Light is half responsible for our sense of sight. Without light there will be no vision and you are simply blind.

3b. Which kind of light that doesn’t live to its function?

The one that is not bright enough. It makes people can’t see clearly and ruin people’s eyesight. So be a light that shines wholeheartedly, as bright as it can be.

3c. How can light function effectively?

Three things:

  1. A stable source, which if we are the light, then the source should be, and must be Jesus himself. He is so stable you don’t even need a single circuit breaker.
  2. A good connection, because no matter how good the source is, no light will come out if the connection is not established. So build one to him. Though sometimes the resistance is too much and the voltage drop is unacceptable, still, maintain the connection.
  3. Components in prime condition, which is, of course: us. Our physical and mental health. Our spiritual health. Keep that in prime condition so the light will shine brightly.

And one additional question: why did God say ‘light’ instead of ‘candle’?

Because candles draw their source from themselves. Yes it is true for the case of sacrifice, but as we all know, candles died after giving all of them. So for me it is kind of something you shouldn’t do: to make yourself as the source. Instead, there is only one source that never die and never fails: our God.

Just how amazing our God is! He told the parable like thousands of years ago and yet the objects he used are still perfectly make sense to the society today. And I just love how he had planned all of those! Every object, every thing he mentioned in the Gospel have deeper meanings than what meets the eye, and it’s just so interesting to learn those (: