8am to 420pm

by livergirl

I was just got home from a day-long-assessment-continued-by-interview-and-case-study in this company *** which is a very big and established company from Sweden/Swiss. To be honest I came very unprepared (the HR advised us to study for the technical test but I just read my notes in the bus from ntu to boon lay in a dim light because the sun had not yet risen and a very sleepy mood) and I was really sure that I will go home by 10.30am when the test result would be announced.

The test was…wth. As a power engineering student, I found myself stuck in like 70% of the questions. There were also some questions I absolutely never heard of it my entire life. I chuckled desperately when the HR guy told us there were only a few minutes left.

But to my surprise, I passed that. And so I went to the interview, which I have to admit that I was quite lucky to have this technical guy as the interviewer because he actually never asked any technical stuff. At lunch break I discovered some of my friends had been asked about motors etc etc.

And then comes the accident: my zipper broke!! Like seriously, in the worst time. It was 10 minutes before the announcement of the interview result and I was stuck in the bathroom for almost half an hour (but thankfully accompanied) and delaying the announcement >.< up until the point that the HR girl searched for us to the toilet. Long story short, I managed to get out thanks to the janitor auntie who had like half a dozen of safety pins in her pocket (thanks God!!)

At that point of time, I somehow wished that I didn’t pass so I can go home. But God did have a bizarre plan, if I may say, because I passed that also and now I got to prepare for a presentation on the case study, which was quite…challenging since I never did a case study individually before, as long as I can remember. The preparation time was 30minutes, and after that we had to wait for our turn which is…agonizing! Throughout the day I was taking it easy without much hope but at that time I was super nervous I got to listen to jason while waiting because the tension was killing me.

My presentation…well I hope it wasn’t that bad.

Anyway, I was really thankful to be able to reach that stage. God is good, and He didn’t let me down even once. Being one of the 23 selected from a thousand resumes for me is really satisfying…I never knew a company that big valued me that high. I just hope that it will not make me less humble. It was an honour to be able to reach the last stage of the selection….and I’m not really looking forward for the result cos it will make me super nervous again…lol. Enough tension for today. Let’s have a powernap! (kuyt style)