what I’m willing to compromise…and what’s not

by livergirl

serious stuffs, and not-so-serious ones

  • my son or daughter is allowed to marry anyone they love but she or he (respectively) must be a Christian
  • my future husband might not play music, but he must respect good music and willing to accompany me to operas/musicals.
  • I might not do what I love for life but it will be something that is good for human being.
  • I might get an iphone someday but I will never queue outside singtel shop before it even opens to get the newer version
  • I hate onions. But because everyone seemed to be in love with them, I don’t really mind to pick every piece of them out of my meals (I’ve trained to detect even a very small piece). BUT I will never add extra Röstzwiebeln to my meal, ever. Or adding garlic/onions to the meals I cooked for myself.
  • I don’t like cheese. But because so many delicious meals can’t be made without cheese, I kinda got used to it. BUT I will not add extra parmesan or eat my bread with cheese if I have another choice.
  • I acknowledge the usefulness of rubber footwear during heavy rains or after swimming but I will not wear the ugly crocs.
  • I agree that the importance of language is to send the message successfully to the listener, and few adjustments need to be made in order to ease the transmission but for Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles’ sake, please try really hard not to speak broken English
  • my son or daughter is allowed to do whatever he/she wanted to do in his/her life, but he/she must respect Liverpool FC and must not be a Chelsea fan.
  • I might change my country of residence, but not citizenship (unless for the two things that’s bigger than my loyalty to my country)


Don’t get me wrong…it’s not like I have nothing to do. But this is kinda fun.