by livergirl

The first day of week two is…quite interesting.

After the super disappointing news, I kinda got myself back not to think about that bloody spaniard. Then there’s design lab, where I met a good friend, a singaporean, whom I agreed to be lab partners with. We were talking about job applications etc etc and checking our talentsite. He was surprised when he saw my applications. He said nothing was power-related. And not finance/banking-related which is believed to make you earn more. It was just hard to explain ‘I believe the purpose of my existence is to bring good things to the world’ to someone who totally doesn’t think like I do.

Speaking of bloody spaniard, I was quite blank for my spanish level 2 lesson. My level 1 was like so long time ago. Anyway when I look at the contents of the book, the memories hit me. It was just when I was learning Deutsch. Naming food, ordering meals, shopping for clothes, going to the doctor, directing…I remember das Ei, die Kartoffeln, der Hamburger, das Milch, fruhstuck, der Arzt, “mein Kopf tut weh”, “Ich habe Zahnschmerzen”…

I miss learning Deutsch. I miss Goethe Institut Jakarta.

Btw a girl in the spanish class said, “I don’t follow football. I just like Torres. Wherever he goes, he’s still Torres,”

Ck. Bloody spaniard.

The only good thing happened today was maybe the two cute angmoh guys in 30 tutorial. I’ll surely come every week this semester..haha.