by livergirl

As long as it concerns only yourself, there are always plenty of times allowed to make mistakes.


If only I can live the quote as easy as writing it down.

Of all my fears (falling off stairs, twisted an ankle, unable to have kids, break a bone, etc), there is one thing that I afraid the most: failure. When I was little, my mom always said that I was fearless and super curious. Nowadays, all I think about before making a step is what’s the probability of failure, how much damage will it cost, and can I make it such that it doesn’t look like a failure (i.e: what reason can I found to explain it and blame something else).

And so far, I found that there is only one thing that will ease my fear: someone who fear it more than I do.



I googled it and found 24.6mil results. Apparently there are many more pathetic people.