questioning genesis

by livergirl

As much as I love Genesis in the Bible, there are always unanswered questions every time I read through the book. Let me try to write it all down in a paragraph:

Ok so I get it now why Cain’s offering was not pleasing to God. Skip ahead to Noah after the flood, I was kinda amazed how an earthly father’s blessing (and curse) can affect like the entire descendants of the son. This is also found in Isaac when he blessed Jacob instead of Esau which brings me to another question: how come an intervention by a woman affect the entire nation descended from the son. Which again makes me question why Jacob and not Esau. Okay and before Isaac of course there was Abraham and honestly I found nothing to be questioned in this man’s story. He was simply awesome! So let’s move to his nephew which by the way offered his virgin daughters to crazy Sodomites. Two words: how come? He was damn lucky that he had a superb uncle. I mean after that, would he be consider righteous? Fast forward, I found it intriguing to think about Leah. I mean if I were her I would like refuse with all my might when my father brought me to a man who love my sister. Didn’t she know how much it would hurt? Did she love him? Thankfully she gained, at least, some status for having six sons, one of them is the ancestor of David and Christ. And there was Joseph, skip. Yea so that’s basically all my questions in the book.

I knew it will be many many years until I find the answers that satisfy me. I just hope that they will not make me question God.