zweitausend elf

by livergirl

There are just a three things I want for this year:

  1. Graduated
  2. Go & live at somewhere different, basically starting a new life
  3. Finish the year without major regrets.

And so, let me think of my resolutions:

  1. Living a life worth living for
  2. Appreciate NTU & Singapore. After all, they gave me a higher education (almost) free of charge, great mass transportation, good security in general. And for those, I thank you.
  3. Finish reading the bible with daily bible reading! Last year I only lasted until early June
  4. Not to fall in love.
  5. Find the specific purpose of my existence.
  6. Give more to those in needs.
  7. Be more mature, more stable. Be a better person.

Let’s end it in seven, because it’s the complete number.

Happy new year!