another (and maybe the last) GPMB with PSUMB

by livergirl

First, I think I should apologize to God because I missed church yesterday (excuse: because I went to church on Fri & Sat already) to go to GPMB (after two hours of driving because of that car-free day or whatever it is and I got stuck in the middle of Jakarta dunno where to drive and I got lost. Bad time. Thank God I arrived safe and sound at Istora and only half an hour late. Thank God that Indo events always start even later). So, yeah. After so many years, I still feel the desire to come back, to help out, and to be there for them. I even went to their training site today (which was in Karawaci!! Outside Jakarta! And I’m driving!), to attend, watch, help, and again, to be there for them. When I was in their shoes, I longed for those people who could give me encouragement, but not only the blind ones. I longed for people who knew what it was like, survived, and came back for us to see that we will survive it too. I just hope that those after me would do what I did to those after them.

And I can’t tell you enough how precious this band for me. And I want to treasure every opportunity that I can get to be involved. I couldn’t sleepover at school this time, but I’m glad just to help. To have some moments of chats with the batteries. To be honest, I was really touched when they all knew my nickname (and my real name, too!). Even those whom I’ve never seen before (they’re maybe EIGHT years younger than me. yea I’m old). Hours of driving (and got lost) and all the other things were all worth it. Because again, I can feel the bond, the music, the soul, the spirit, the hope, and the youth. For some moments, I felt young again. And that was priceless.

They ranked first! YEAY 😀

Get ready for the final!!


I really wanted to tell my route to Senayan & Karawaci and back but honestly I don’t even know exactly where I went yesterday. All I know is that I almost went to Merak 😆