home again!

by livergirl

Last two days with the korean girls were just so HEDON. I really don’t want to count my spendings.

being tourists

Thankfully there are people who owe me so I still have some money somewhere lol. Anyway I think there’s something wrong with jetstar’s weight scale at its check in counter. I weighed my luggage at precisely 20kg (or maybe 19.8 sumting) at my room. Then I added IKEA stuffs for mom and it became 20.2kg at changi before the check in. Suddenly it became 15KG at the counter. I just kinda afraid that if every person’s luggage has extra 5kg, how much extra weight the plane has to carry in total?

Or I might be too serious. Let’s just think of it as a holiday present 😉

Anyway it’s always glad to be back home and I already bought two tops and a pair of earrings in less than 24 hours :mrgreen:

Tonight there will be the Christmas Eve service and tomorrow’s already Christmas!! Then followed by GPMB.

And not to forget my light reading from now to Jan 7th:

It’s gonna be a busy holiday.