exam break therapies

by livergirl

  • Series
    Nonton Bones sampe jem 3 kmaren malem nyaris telat buat doain anak2 jem 9 di src.
  • Shopping
    total abis $89.35 dalam setengah hari (credit card is really dangerous!) tp $31 buat gifts so $58.35. Fair enough, I guess.
  • Window Shopping
    Autis di Tintin shop. HMV. Muji. Nyoba2 fleece Uniqlo. Zara. Forever 21.
  • Chill
    $6.20 for hot chocolate @ coffee bean (salah pesen mestinya lg small dikasi medium -.-“)
  • Feline
    ketemu si gembil hol 13 jilat2 jari gue awww <3. Maybe additional youtube videos of wild cats later.
  • Sleeping
    I’m going to take a nap for…2 hours?


Total spending:

$95.55 + 5/6 hours yesterday + 6 hours today + 2 hours later.

Happiness is never a cheap one.