by livergirl

too much music classes with Dr. E makes me wanted to have a piano for myself. with no one expects me to play it. I want to have fun with chords, temperaments, harmonics, my voice range, or maybe I want to tune it a little (although piano strings freaked me out a bit…too much detective Conan reading). Maybe then I could learn to love that instrument, maybe.

I’m thankful that now I have my time alone with Klara (well, not much free time, but still). With no teachers, no performances, no music scores to memorize. In short, no pressure. I set my own projects and targets. Exploring the sounds she can produce. Amazed by her voice.¬†Practising my hearing in the same time.

I know if Klara could speak she might yelled at me because, well, she deserved a more talented player. So thankfully she couldn’t. Cos I’m enjoying what I can do with her.


Learning is the way of life. If one could not find joy in learning, it is not learning. It’s studying.