by livergirl

Learning about cross-cultural communication at profcomm and kairos course makes me realize one thing: I’m an ethnocentric. Which is also most of the people. But usually people move on after some time, according to the cultural shock chart. They eventually adopt the other culture as their own and develop a so called ‘combined’ culture of the two. Normally, they said, it will take more than 14 months.

It’s been three years and three months!

For now, I think that I just need to move to the next phase: acceptance and recovery. I know I’ve past the acceptance part, but I can’t (or possibly refuse) to recover. But after being sick for the third time in the past two-and-a-half months, I now believe that there is a solid connection between my physical and mental health. And I kinda tired living on drugs and vitamins and medical centre. I want my voice back. I want my health back. I want to breathe freely.

I gotta do better in the art of living in this island. I need a lot of help from Klara and I better find another good oasis next sem but I think I can do it.

And from what I have learned for the past 21 years, God would only let me go if I have learned what He wanted me to learn. Yea so I better do what He wanted.