by livergirl

I feel kinda pissed. With my body. Not that I’m having self-esteem problem oh-why-I-can’t-be-that-skinny or whatever, but because I’m having fever+flu+unstoppable coughs again this week! It’s like the second in three weeks. Something’s wrong with me, I’m sure.

Nathan said it’s because my rejection to this country, this system, this uni, and my major. Well, I don’t know. I feel that now I’m already in acceptance period. Yes I’ve made a seemed-to-be-the-best-choice-at-that-time which later I found out to be a mild katastrophe in my four years. But I have too much pride to quit before I finish. And I already accept that I need to be here for the next one year to graduate. So…yeah. I accepted all that facts and I know what I need to do.

I’ve been thinking about trying traditional Chinese medicine. Maybe they’ll give me potions to drink twice a day or something.

For now I’m just gonna take some vit Cs and sleep. Long day tomorrow.