little key on the upper left corner

by livergirl

Something everyone wished they had one in their lives. Not excluding me.

Okay maybe it wasn’t that bad and I don’t even know whether I’ll be better in a new place, but…I want to escape from this country! So bad I think I’m gonna take any chance as long as I can migrate…to a place totally different from here.

And yes, I took things for granted: security, orders, excellent transportation, etc. But I’m pretty sure life is not all about enjoying those things and forget your life.

I just want to have a life worth living. And a fruitful youth. Not fruitful in terms of published journals/grades/honours/whatever, though.

Dear God, please please don’t let me live my life here. But if that’s what You want, please let me see the world first. I think You’d agree with me that a lifetime is too precious to be spent in this little red dot.