by livergirl

  1. I had a quiz this morning at the lecture. So the lecturer was placing the question papers on alternate seats and instructed us to sit only on the seat with paper. At the end when every student had come, there were still many who didn’t get the paper. He was like, “I was sure I printed the sheets according to my attendance list…where’s my attendance anyway?” and after like ten minutes he finally realized, “oh there were IEM students. That’s why. Your attendance is on the other side I didn’t take a look,”.
    After we were allowed to turn over the question paper, one student raised his hand and said, “Sir, I got the attendance list,” -.-“
  2. Went to MC today and the doctor gave me a whole bunch of drugs.
  3. I still have that “why do today what you can do tomorrow” attitude. Whew.
  4. My cough is still so bad I even had to excuse myself from the class for some minutes to clear my throat.
  5. Job interview role-playing at profcomm tutorial today. The tutor gave a bunch of questions for us to rehearse. One of them was “What book you recently read?” and my group mate spontaneously said, “Textbook?” -.-” maybe an answer worse than that would only be “Twilight.”
  6. Away from all the reviews and what people said, I like Glee’s recent episode. It triggers people to question. It reminds us that we are confused in this world and we need something to hold on to. And it such an emotional episode when the flashbacks came (what a sweet dad Burt Hummel is!). I love the part when Rachel, Mercedes, Quinn, and Finn all came to the hospital and take turns to pray. It was silly to hear the reason but they are willing to help their unbeliever friend despite of his cynicism against their religion. Have we done that?
    And not to forget that Lea Michele’s version of “Papa can you hear me” was one of the best I’ve ever heard.
  7. I can’t wait to get back home and wear contacts again!!
  8. Gotta pack. Yeay! I love love to pack. I just hate to weigh it.
  9. another quiz on MONDAY aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa