I’m not an EEE, I guess.

by livergirl

I’m truly a failed EEE student:

  • I really have no idea how to use MATLAB
  • I can’t do soldering
  • I dunno how to find voltage dip in induction motor (and it’s due tomorrow!!!)
  • I have no idea how to do my FYP
  • I hate hate HATE being in the lab. Any lab. Its ambience freaks me out. It feels like a totally unhealthy place with no life.
  • Wave drawings of thyristors confuse me
  • I forgot all I’ve studied right after the exam
  • sometimes I’ve forgotten them BEFORE the exam
  • I hate to see how most of the EEE boys dressed
  • oh and I almost hate LWN library, for the same reason why I hate labs.
  • I don’t know how to fix my own computer. And I’m fine with slow Vista. Really.
  • my FYP prof indirectly said that I’m not ‘engineering enough’


but guess what, who cares?