curiosity kills the cat

by livergirl

This morning when I was in church choir practice, I started thinking about some things that I often observed:

  • Why we tend to go sharp while singing? I realize that usually happens because of nervousness, but I found that it also happened today when we were singing acapella, without anyone watching us…so how could we be nervous?
  • And do we tend to go sharp also while we’re singing alone?
  • Why we tend to play faster when we’re the beat keeper?
  • And somehow I observed that playing solo percussion will make me tend do go slower…does it happen to everyone?
  • Why we tend to play slower when we’re playing the melody?
  • Why is it so hard to keep it soft while playing together? Is it because we wanted to ‘beat’ each other so that we’ll play louder and louder?
  • How come we really can change the way we project our voice just by imagining it in our heads?


Those might be really interesting to find out. Isn’t it amazing how our brain’s been playing tricks on us?