she’s 16!

by livergirl

Sometimes I wonder how does it like to be my sister.

On one hand, she’s always the baby in the family, so she still gets excuses sometimes. She can go sleepover to a friend’s house (how I wish when I was her age). I bet she’ll be allowed to drive by the time she’s 17. She gets all the best from my mum because it has been filtered by me. She bears lighter burden than me, because of that stupid IQ test which said that I was above superior or something and she was about the average. Since then, I’ve been pushed to score especially in natural sciences, which finally landed me in this uni. She’s also been pushed, but somehow she got more tolerance. She’s currently in the language program, which as always, is super fun.

Well on the other hand, she got my used stuffs sometimes. And she has me as her sister, which, I have to admit, I’m not a good sister, and I wasn’t trying to be. I was so jealous of all the privileges she had as the baby. Since I was ten, I promised myself to never spoil her and to mind my own life so that I don’t have to be jealous of her anymore. And to be honest, I’m not going to change all that if not because of my mum. I mean, I think it’s the least I could do. And to think about it, my sister’s life isn’t so joyful also because, like me, she has to deal with dad for 18 years until she could go away. Yea anyway, I’m trying to be nice to her. After all, I think we three grew up along these years.


So tomorrow is her 16th birthday. Sweet sixteen. I hope she will enjoy this year, cause life is going to be more and more complicated. I hope she will find her passion, although being confused is not a problem at all. After all, she’s young. I hope she will learn more about God through her catechism and her baptism later. I do really hope that her addiction to korean boybands will be just another phase.

So happy 16th, sister. Life will not always be sweet but at least you’re still young today.