by livergirl

I came across a re-tweet by one of my bestfriends that said:

If a guy really loves a girl, the one and only thing he wanna change is her Last Name.


Well, I disagree. I mean, I don’t want to change my last name (if there’s any). It might be okay if neighborhood people to automatically call me Mrs. Xxx someday (because it’s a common practice) but I won’t officially my last name. For me, my name is my identity, which I’ve built all my life. I’m not using my father’s name by choice and I’ve lived all these years using my name only (my french tutor said that Ms Amelia sounds like prostitute…wth). I’m not gonna change it because of marriage. (What if the marriage doesn’t work? Does it mean that you will lose your identity as a Mrs?) I just think that it doesn’t make sense.

If a guy really loves a girl, he won’t change anything from her. As in, anything.