by livergirl

It started when I wanted to hear various interpretation of my favourite violin piece, Kreisler’s Liebesleid. I began with my musical hero Joshua Bell, then moved on to Mehunin, David Oistrakh, Ivry Gitlis, Kreisler himself, Abram Shtern, Gidon Kremer, and the first version I heard many years ago by Vanessa Mae.

Among those elder violinists, I happened to stumble over a very interesting comment. It attracted my attention because on that particular video, people are harshly comparing him (the violinist) and Joshua Bell. One even went as far as saying that Bell is worse than doggie poop -.-”

Anyway, there’s this person who commented that it’s possible that people are biased by the violinist’s age. It seems that people judged a classical musician according to his/her age as well. The older the musician, he/she will gain more respect.

I myself found that it might be true. I mean, people will harshly scold younger classical musicians but usually they used softer and politically correct words for the elder ones, and don’t ever think of saying something bad about the dead ones. But I don’t know…it might only happened to people with fewer musical exposure and experiences.


Just a food for thought.