a piece of dream

by livergirl

I’m in a very good mood to think about my future. Well to be exact, I’m in a good mood to think how am I gonna get out from here. But since I have no idea what I want to do with my life, it’s not an easy thing to think of.

I have to consider my limited abilities and my unusual interests, my very specific preference of location, and whether or not I want to pursue a master degree. Don’t forget my super limited financial situation (I still have a sister who needs higher education).

But I believe somewhere there’s something for me that God had planted long ago, waited to be discovered by me. It might not be the choice I will make next year, but I believe there is. (And even though that thing supposedly is in Singapore, well it can wait).

For now I’ll just collect piece by piece and figure out what will this puzzle look like. Quite a mess right now but I’m sure it’s gonna be awesome!