by livergirl

I came to String Orchestra booth this morning and sign for it. They said that they have the main & training orchestra. So I asked them what’s the qualification for main orchestra,

“Oh, it’s minimal grade eight or two years in orchestra,”

“As in royal grade eight?”

(She wasn’t look so sure) “Yes. Actually some of them got a diploma,”

Waw. I mean, if I was fortunate enough to have a grade eight qualification by the time I was, let’s say, seventeen, I think I wouldn’t come to NTU. I would maybe crazily teaching music to rich kids, then save the money to apply to Royal Academy or some fancy conservatories. If you have found that kind of blessings, why study engineering? Might as well you study a bit business or a bit psychology, or…I don’t know.

I don’t think I would try their main orchestra audition. I just don’t want to betray my initial purpose: for fun! 😀