by livergirl

I believe that when you’re doing something you don’t like, there will always be some ways to make it slightly, tiny weeny, a bit better.

I don’t like my major, seriously. And I become more and more phlegmatic about this program. I just want to finish.

So what I’ve been doing since semesters ago is taking interesting non-EEE subjects that will bright up my week. I took one for each semester.

Sem 1: MAS801
This course was kinda fun, although I didn’t intend it to be my oasis or something (I hadn’t hate my major back then). I enjoy most of it, except for the time I saw my result…haha.

Sem 2: ADM280
I love this course! One of the most interesting subjects I’ve ever took. Intentionally I took it because I need a HSS PE and there was vacancies for this course. Thank God for that! I really never regret it. At first it was quite difficult because I really have no idea what she’s (the lecturer) talking about, but I began to enjoy it soon. It was a mind-opener to a lot of great paintings and the story behind it. Especially that I had the chance to go to Europe that summer, and seeing some of those paintings with my own eyes. And the lecturer gave me an A for my group presentation of German Expressionism at the start of 20th century. It was the first time I felt like I was pouring my heart and soul to the assignment (I borrowed books and downloaded journals for the first time). I don’t think I ever go that far again for a task.

Special Sem: French Level 1
I was just not ready to go home for the holiday, so I took a special term (it was free at that time). Because of my fetish of European languages and my very basic knowledge of French from high school extracurricular, I quite easily scored a high mark by gossiping all the time with Tere in classes. Lots and lots of fun.

Sem 3: GV17
Singing lessons! A time to relax every Wed. Got some useful theories also and good exercises for practice. Highly recommended, even for those who don’t really feel talented in music or whatever. The teacher was so nice she made everyone can sing at the end ^^

Sem 4: AAI185
It wasn’t that enjoyable, but quite a mind-opener of a topic I never heard before. And actually a very interesting subject to be learned if only it wasn’t Singapore culture that we were talking about. Not recommended for those who don’t really wanted to explore music around the world. I didn’t really enjoy my time but it helped me to appreciate some good things in the world.

Sem 5: Spanish Level 1
It wasn’t really cheating this time since I never had a formal education of this language. But with my obsession of Iker Casillas since 2002 up until the level where I learned the language by myself just to understand whatever Real Madrid’s site said, I had some good basics. So at the end, again, it wasn’t hard for me to score. And it was really my oasis during my third year with all the ridiculous transistors.

Sem 6: No choice. Got to do IA
Maybe that’s why this semester was so depressing. Or maybe it was the part where I had to wake up really early in the morning.

Sem 7: (hopefully) AAI486
I just hope this subject will be as interesting as the previous subjects I took before! 😀