by livergirl

Klara had lost her soul and has just regained it. Wew. I was so freaked out yesterday I almost wanted to sue the music store lady who place fine tuners on her. And apparently, yes, it was her fault, but I didn’t sue her.

Thank God my ears were sensitive enough to sense something was really wrong. I tried numerous combination of bridge position and tune her a lot of times. It did make her a bit better but still not good >.<

Long story short, I have to bring her to a specialist and thankfully he can fix her in a short time. Tomorrow’s air hostess better be good with her coz I can’t fix her if something’s happen again -.-”


And these are what that specialist used: benang kasur, lidi, pensil, peniti, amplas kecil2, dua sendok makan (!), and a pair of very sensitive ears. And suddenly the sound post was placed right on its place. WIN!