by livergirl

Being obliged to return to Singapore is quite a huge mood destroyer. This maybe the first time I enjoy my holiday at home, and tomorrow I’m going back to SG. I just hate it. After finding out that I don’t like what I study and this will not be my long-term career, I just want to finish this as soon as possible and get a degree. I don’t care be it even a third class. I just want my degree.

But then comes the reality that I have to stay for another three years. It was hard, especially after my mom offered to take a master course in Finland. Sure, they said, you can postpone it. But after living for a couple of years in my dream continent, who would ever want to return to Singapore?

Of all the things I have, they wanted the most precious one: my time.

I just really wish I got a lottery so I can pay them all and say goodbye for good.