28 hours in bdg

by livergirl

Really had a blast from one-and-a-half-day trip to Bandung with friends! I really should have done it years ago…it was really fun.  But again, don’t play what ifs, since it might not be as fun as now.

It was one of the most impromptu plan ever for me. Well we have talked about it since last week but we only took real actions like one day before the planned day, including phoning for accommodation and transportation.

And the ultimate part came at 6.30am in the morning (I left for Bandung at 730am) when suddenly Stef said she’d come and that means we have to change the accommodation. And so my mom phoned the place which my aunt used to stay.

The rate was cheap, so I agree right away and booked for a twin bed room…with a plan to stay with Stef & Nathan with extra bed (don’t tell my mom).

Right after I arrived and met Sarah, we went to the place and sign in. And I’ve paid already when suddenly the receptionist guy said, “Miss, if you are willing to receive guests, please do so at the lobby,”

I was quite stunned. The plan to sneak him…wouldn’t work.

But we tried, anyway. Along with some plans of lame scenarios to create valid relationship among us  -.-“. It didn’t work because when Stef & Nathan were asked if they were siblings, Stef quite dumbly said yes. Which is, not so convincing since she is a Batak and he is clearly chinese descendant. So the guy asked them for their ID cards. Different last names, different religions, different addresses. Fail!

Since it was cheap, he order another room nearby. Which not so useful since we talked until 3am in me & Stef’s room and he slept mostly in one of the beds (again, don’t tell my mom).

I get it that some places wanted to keep their place as ‘clean’ as possible, but I think next time I’m going to order in a more ignorant place. I just wanted to have long long chats with my friends (regardless of the gender) with the rate as low as possible. I’d prefer a place where we can sneak everyone and they wouldn’t care a bit. But again, that place was quite good and cheap, so it’s recommended.


Anyway, it was fun, to be with the ones you’re really comfortable to be with. (Even though we were quite lost at some times, we were lucky to have someone who was willing to help. Thanks a bunch, Sarah!). And the great thing about this is that we have other circles of friends. Our friendship isn’t the only circle we had. And so we are able to experience different ‘lives’.

We did meet some friends who stay in Bandung for study also (along with their boyfriends) and had a great time at dinner (it was 12 of us!). I have to admit that we were really loud and talkative. And if it wasn’t for that roach, we might gonna stay for another hour. Overall, we had lots of yummy meals. Although it was a bit high end, I think we deserved them once in a while.

Got two pairs of jeans and a cute tshirt for my sis. Perfect! 😀