i am a gleek

by livergirl

These days I’m so addicted to Glee…lol. Just finished the season 1 a couple of days ago and really, I never thought I would love this series.

I think it’s all because of Mr. Schuester. I love this character! And I envy his life so much. He works based on his passion (teaching) and surrounded by the thing he loves the most (music). Will I ever be able to do that in my life? I can’t even be sure what my passion is. Well of course he has dramas with his wife but there’s always divorce option, which he finally took.

I burst in tears when the song “To Sir, With Love” was sung. If all the teachers were as committed and dedicated as Mr Schu, we might all be like the Glee kids who will eventually be better persons because of his influence. And how we would love teachers like that. So may we all be a good teacher, officially or unofficially.