by livergirl

About two days ago I was in the middle of something with quite a number of people and we were taking a break. Then suddenly someone asked me whether I know the NTU guy who was dead last year and made a big fuss in Indo.

Oh yea it just felt so familiar. I knew where this conversation will lead to.

And so, I gave my usual fake smile and said that I don’t know the truth and I don’t really want to comment on that case.

And the next thing was like everybody started to talk about the forensic proof and all those speculations and stories about it. For instance a story which told that the student was so brilliant his FYP will change the world and the prof wanted to conquer it. Or whatever. And they were like, absolutely believe that the NTU prof killed the student with whatever theory the news got to offer.

I still refuse to comment, though.

But they were like, pushing me. Asking me what was my personal opinion and even asking what was the Indo NTU students think about it.

Well, I can’t stand for every Indo students, of course. I just said that we don’t talk about it.

And then they suddenly accused me (and other Indo students who refuse to comment) that we have been brainwashed by Singapore and NTU and we are scared to comment because we’ve been told not to by the university. (They said all that with joking tone, but still…)

And that was when it got me hurt.

I mean, come on. Brainwashed? The uni don’t even bother to do it, of course. I don’t talk about it because I don’t want to create another gossip, for I don’t know the truth behind it. What happened to him and his family was terrible enough. And let’s face it, people will believe my story more than the ones they’ve heard because I’ve been there. I’ve been an EEE NTU student from Indonesia and I’m still doing it. And I believe that once I told something, everyone who heard it will start their conversation with, “you know, the students there think that…” and quote me. And yes, changing the subject from singular to plural. Generalize.

Dude, it hurts. I’m not that low. At that time I was so speechless.