by livergirl

It’s kinda funny how the more we learn and explore about one thing, we sometimes more attracted to the opposite side. Or at least I do.

Like the more I learn audio and all those speakers + recordings , the more I appreciate my hearing and live performances.

The more I know about structures, the more I’m thankful of my bones and how they are able to keep me standing.

The more I know about technology, the more I thank God for the amazing human brain.

The more I have to live mobile, the more I’m glad there is home.

The more I hear the music hits now, the more I appreciate the music from the early years of my life, the 90s.

The more I see how internet connects everyone, the more I appreciate meeting my friends face to face.

The longer I live abroad the more I realize how I love my country. And the city where I came from. With all the traffics and the craziness.