it’s okay to fantasize sometimes

by livergirl

first stop: Vivaldi concerto in Am. status: barely there. made lots lots of mistakes on the third page (it was so complicated 😦 ). my teacher said I need to press the bow more and play more boldly.

then he gave me Schubert’s Ave Maria to practice my vibrato. That song is sooooooo slooowww I never realized it until I played! When they sing it seems quite normal. Even the remark is: sehr langsam -.-”

so then I said that I’m beginning to learn Bach’s Air and maybe that’s good for vibrato learning too since it is also sooooo slooooowwww.

And he gave me another sheet of it, which is played in D and I have to change position also. can’t get better. sigh.

As I packed Ace he asked me whether I have ever play a piece he’s playing. It was super familiar but I cannot recall so I asked him who’s the composer.

“Mozart!” he said, quite surprised (because I don’t even know that piece. How embarrassing was that. Thankfully I quickly remembered it was the Eine Kleine Nachtmusik).

And, no surprise, he gave me another 2-pages sheet of that piece.

Vivaldi. Schubert. Bach. Mozart. If he gave me another Beethoven it’s gonna feel like full-time music major. as if 😆