by livergirl

  • I spent 12k in last two days for parking only…waw. And half the fuel tank.
  • And as always when I’m in Jakarta, I’m developing the rage and hatred for motorcyclists. Really, I understand that many people are not fortunate enough to buy a car. I don’t blame them for having motorcycles. It’s just I hate the cyclist behaviour on the road.
  • Jakarta = starbucks every time I’m out! me loves it!
  • I’m getting better at multi tasking while driving. Just need to define my limit now.
  • In the need for a new CDs for the car audio. I didn’t know I’ll drive this much so I bought much too few.
  • Feel sooooo good after meeting my dear friend Sarah today. I feel like my old myself without all this Singapore-NTU stuffs and everything in between. Missing my high school friends, really. The ones that keep my feet on the ground and at the same time keep my vision ahead. The ones that will directly scold me without hypocrisy but will offer their shoulders instantly in needed. The ones that will say hate when they hate something and love when they love something. The ones that so different from me but yet share the same, I don’t know, something. That enables us to understand each other to some extent.
  • Going to have my first violin lesson tomorrow! Quite scared, since I’m naturally almost tone-deaf and I’m not sure whether I can still do vibrato. My fingering is a lot better now after simulating some etudes…I guess. Or I hope.
  • Who’s gonna tune ACD when I’m in SG? I need some kind of tuner, I guess. An accurate one. I’m bad at tuning. In the past I broke two strings  -.-“
  • I need new jeans and new dresses!
  • And since my uncle brought this up earlier today, I think I need to visit my grandma. Just not sure if the time permits.
  • Tomorrow’s gonna be so boring since I’m so free and yet nobody’s free to go out with me *sigh*