meine erste ‘Zauberflöte’

by livergirl

I guess my entry now should be about the opera I watched last Friday, thanks to HMV. It was The Magic Flute, a very well known opera by Mozart.

So, to summarize, menurut gue konsepnya rada maksa. First of all, ini opera by Mozart dan lagunya pake bahasa Jerman. Semua pemain utamanya mainly chinese dan posternya pake kostum wayang. Just…what? To top up, slaves nya pake sarung kinda like sarung bali dan temple nya ada 3 batu bertuliskan 3 huruf cina. As if ini bisa lebih aneh lagi.

Well maybe I was a bit mean, but trust me, it was so weird. I understand kalo mereka pengen mengadaptasi dan membuatnya berbeda serta merasa kalo this is asia. But could they just stick with one particular culture? Mungkin emang bisa digabung sih…tapi nggak gini caranya.

And the surtitles…oh my. They even just displayed the translation of the songs! No improvisation. Was it so hard to display them right on time? The thing is, the songs were in Deutsch and they sang opera. So even if someone understands, he might not catch it perfectly. In short, the surtitles were extremely important and they kinda screwed when the Three Ladies sang in the beginning. They missed about 4 lines, cmiiw.

And don’t forget that I had to PAY for the booklet. -.-”

Apart from that, the show was good. I like the main actor, the one who played Tamino. At first he wasn’t really impressed me, but he’s getting better and better. The Queen of the Night, though, wasn’t really a favourite of mine. She nailed the legendary aria, “Der Hölle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen”, but I was kinda disappointed with “O zittre nicht, mein lieber Sohn”. I was hoping the repetitive “du” will be a bit intense and I kinda couldn’t feel the emotion.

The Papageno was hilarious and he sang very well also. And Sarastro gave me chills when he hit the bottom notes. But my favourite of the night will surely be Pamina. She was just awesome. I felt her sadness in “Ach, ich fühl’s, es ist verschwunden”, when she mistakenly thought that Tamino didn’t love her anymore. And her voice even changed a bit when she sang with Tamino (“Tamino mein, o welch ein Glück!”). It was like…a bit more cheerful and a bit girly. Totally like a girl in love. Amazing.

One more thing: the chorus was magnificent! Love the intensity they brought into the scene ❤

Overall, it was a great experience and I enjoy the show despite of the freezing aircon. And again, thanks HMV! 🙂