Location: Jakarta

by livergirl

I’ve landed safely yesterday, thank God. And I kinda already eat a lot, as usual. And tomorrow I’m gonna drive to the office. WITH MY DAD. Yeah, after hours of triumph and joy of finally be able to drive totally alone. I really feel betrayed. Urgh.

So again I’m at his control. Which I totally feel I don’t need. When will my parents realized that I can take care of myself, at least for this one? I will make mistakes, of course. But that’s what we humans do. Yes I hadn’t drive in 6 months plus so I’m not familiar with the traffic anymore. So what? I might scratch the car a bit and lose few ten thousands to pay if I got caught by the police.

I hate living under their control. That is why maybe no matter how broke I am and I have to spend very minimal to support my life, and no matter how I hate the city, I always tried to stay as long as I can in SG. Being poor is nothing compared to having that freedom.

Might not be able to online much, though. My sis is totally using the PC and even if she’s not, the mosquitos here are just insanely everywhere near my legs. ciao.