by livergirl

Pepe is just super hilarious πŸ˜† although he will probably never play as long as Casillas is still reigning, he won’t be kicked out of the team…they still need the big joker who hosts all the parties πŸ˜› (he even did this kind of introduction since 2008)

*you have to watch it in youtube or else there will be no translation. and he’s screaming all the time so even though you know a bit of spanish, you probably can’t hear anything*

I just love how he acknowledge (or telling jokes of) each and every one of them. We, the ones who only watch and criticize, may have complaints about how Torres seemed to just walking and how, in some matches, Navas and Llorente seemed like destroying the attacks or whatever. But in this mood, they seemed to really respect and acknowledge every person’s role in the team.

Again, congratulations Spain. Prepare for a stronger Deutschland in two years πŸ˜‰


and I’m just gonna save this link for future entertainment πŸ˜‰