by livergirl

Yeah yeah. Germany is out of WC final.

I’m sad, obviously. But not that sad. It’s Spain, after all. And I always love Spain. On the positive side, some people got their wish, after I got so many.

And actually it wasn’t so shocking. I already had bad feelings about it since earlier this week. So it’s more like a nightmare turned to reality, which…sucks. Feel so sorry for Schweini. He was really frustrated and sad. And Philipp…it must be hard to hold the tears.

Right after the final whistle, the sky cried together with them. And the fans.

But it’s a well deserved win by Spain, so many many congratulations. They outplayed the brilliant German brilliantly. All the pressing…waw. It is sure depressing. Low was clearly a loser in this battle vs del Bosque.

Netherlands vs Spain?

I love them both after Germany so whichever wins will be a joy for me. Both have Liverpool players so I kinda can’t support one of them. I’ll just watch and support the better team…haha. But whether it is Casillas or van Bronckhorst who will lift the trophy, I just hope it will be a great match and a final worth watching for.


Waw. That octopus was good.