a voice in the crowd

by livergirl

I’ve been following the debate on Uruguayan Luis Suarez’s handball for a while, and my oh my, it’s still going on after like, 4 days and FIFA had made their decision.

It’s interesting to see how people react to it. Some said “he completely against the spirit of the game”, “defending the fair play”, “murdered Ghana” ( -.-” ), etc etc. Some suggested him to be banned “5-10 matches”, “100 matches”, and even “for the rest of his life”…how lebay is it…ck.

Well I couldn’t help but chuckle. Me myself I’m not a fan of Uruguay, even though I supported them against Ghana. But as I have mentioned in a previous post, I’m glad he’s only banned for one match. Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally in the side of fair play, and I’m angry every time a foul just went unpunished. And in this matter, he is punished. The referee saw the handball. He got sent off and he’s suspended for the semi final match. He cried after that red card flashing in front of him. And he walked out, knowing exactly the consequences of his action.

And yes, of course, not of all his actions are correct, such as the statement “my handball was the real ‘Hand of God'”. Also maybe the reactions of Uruguay people that makes the world angry with them (calling Suarez a national hero).

I never knew Suarez and I don’t know what were he thinking. What I know is if I were him, I would exactly do the same thing (more or less it’s a ‘reflex’), and that makes it understandable. What would you do if you were in his situation? What would you do if you were right in front of your team’s goal post and a ball, the ball, is rushing towards you? I believe he didn’t have too much choice: let the ball in and creating a nightmare that will haunt him for years to come, or what the heck, swing his arms and die die (oh man I’m so singapura) clear the ball out of the post. IMO, in every aspect, he did the most reasonable thing.

{ What would you say if a player from your team did what Suarez did? }

And I’m agree with what some people said: if Gyan had scored the penalty, would you care how long he will be suspended? More or less the people’s anger is because Ghana had lost, and people just refuse to blame it on them. A penalty means 80% chance of goal. If it didn’t, it’s (mostly) the taker’s fault. In this case, I believe it is Gyan’s fault since it was not Muslera who made the save.

So for now, let’s just accept that Uruguay played better than Ghana at that night (at the very least in the pso).