by livergirl

  • These buildings are uber cool! I’ve been to no. 22 (only passing by, to be exact) and it looked incredible. Along with these, they really make me want to travel around the world…
  • Let’s go to Barcelona!!
  • We, the german fans, are so optimistic it started to scare me. Be humble, and start praying…
  • Had an Oktoberfest Platter @ ambush for lunch today…in celebration of the amazing quarter. We should eat @ marche or brotzeit for proper beers if they win the fourth star 🙂
  • Speaking of beers, I should ban myself after world cup…I think I’ve drunk too much. A bit more and I think I have to do regular sit-ups
  • SRC swimming pool ruined my hair! 😦
  • I found Arnott’s Tartlets in Valu$ @JP! I’ve been looking for it everywhere
  • Screwed biological clock because of the world cup…
  • My current facebook profile pic, in support to Der 4. Stern campaign 🙂