by livergirl

Feel so happy for Arne (and Miro). As the most senior players, they sure played very well. Arne even rated 8/10 and Miro 9/10 😀 . A superb performance from Schweini as well 🙂 Looking forward for the semi :mrgreen: , although Thomas won’t play 😦

On the other hand, their soon-to-be opponent, Spain…well, I just feel more confident in the Germans. But if Iker keep on playing at this level, it’s not gonna be easy, even for Miro (and please please don’t let that match to be decided on pso…I’m scared of him…he still has that charm on penalties). Anyway many congratulations for leading the first Spanish team in 60 years to World Cup semifinal!
(was that your girlfriend who interviewed you?)

Also glad for Suarez for his only one match ban 🙂 . (Although I support the Netherlands to beat them in the semi.)

It is really the best world cup so far…I got most of my wishes came true. 3-4 more and it will be perfect 😉