i need a strong beer to finish my day

by livergirl

I really wanted to be at the lab earlier today. Woke up at about 9am and I was already in the bus an hour later when I checked my bag and find no purse. Argh!

Because another FYP student is working with the only-computer-with-valid-software-license-in-the-lab plus the only-external-soundcard-which-I-was-working-with plus the best-microphone-in-the-lab-which-was-previously-assigned-to-me, I decided to work in the recording room with the surface speaker thing. I was trying to be nice, really.

And working in that room was not so easy since I have to do all the set-up by myself, including 1.2mx1.2mx1inch wood panel and microphone with 10ft long cable and a desk full of pentium-3-CPU and another-strange-looking-CPU and the other one which looks fine but it can’t connect to the monitor no matter how I tried. And every type of cable I searched were vanished.

So I went back and pick up Felix.

Later, I was just finished lunch with Septian when my cell rang. It was from the lab technician. He said one of the researchers needs to use the room. I asked him how urgent it was. He said it was, and asked me to return within 30mins. Well what should I say? Of course he got the higher priority, right?

So I asked Septian to accompany me and help to tidy up, with a promise to help him with the LabVIEW later.

And I went back to the lab and gave back the key only to see the technician passed it to a researcher, which then walk out to that room with that other FYP student. Yea rite. Really. I ruined my whole set-up just because of that guy? Again?

I was so shockingly mad I went to Septian’s lab way until the closing hour. Went back to the lab just to grab my bag.

To top up, the IA result is out. I do should have known I will get this grade. After all, it’s francis. Oh yea and that ntu tutor.

And that stupid ntu subject registration system. I am a final year student and I still didn’t get my major PE >.<