get used to bullets

by livergirl

  • can’t help but laugh at this article. ridiculous. and what an encouragement
  • woke up at bf’s flat after spain match this morning and found out in shock that bf’s flatmate (which also happened to be my good friend’s bro)’s dad is in the house. luckily i was awoken enough to recognize him…haha
  • which reminds me that all the four (German, England, Holland, Spain) are through to the k.o stage. now have to say only the three of them and hoping for England to go home after Sunday hohohoho
  • met Apunk today and we congratulate each other for Italy’s early exit which I infamously said “by faith we believe they’ll lost” over a (huge) plate of carrot cake at Koufu West Mall. Maybe we should eat that again if we want another team to lose 😆
  • all the foundation + concealer I’ve applied still can’t fully disguised dark circles & eye bags as the result of world cup matches…wew
  • and speaking of make up, my pencil eye liner still gave this dark shadow in my lower lids. is this a sign to move to liquid?
  • I’m addicted to this site especially when it comes to the players’ babies!