back to bullets

by livergirl

  • The sound vuvuzela was finally beaten for a moment…by “God Saves the Queen” yesterday
  • I was glad that my favourites in German national team: Arne, Bastian, & Philipp were singing the Deutschlandlied…for no reason.
  • Deutsch vs England. mati kau inglaterra. so long stevie.
  • if only the new zealand football team performed the haka every time they play, I might be a fan already. too bad they’re all whites, as in, literally.
  • why now youtube has this vuvuzela-effect-disguised-as-football-icon????
  • I wanted to move to Scandinavia! oh yea who’s the one who always whine that singapore’s aircon is freezing?
  • newest cita-cita: sekretarisnya sepp blater divisi twitter account management 😆
  • I wonder whether Cameroon fans will wear the pot-hat or the toga 😛
  • I want to taste this. They said this is the best in jakarta, but they haven’t make use of it fully, I guess. There will be only 3 concerts during my vacation (which lasts for a month).