among the four

by livergirl

  • German is the most local one, followed by England (their coach is not an Englishman), Spain (all from Spanish club except for two Liverpool and one Arsenal), and Holland (the players’ clubs are from 5 different countries).
  • Germany is the youngest team (average age 24.91) and England is the oldest one (28.48). Spain and Holland are in the middle with 25.91 and 27.65 respectfully.
  • World ranking: 2 (Spain), 3 (Holland), 5 (Germany), 7 (England)
  • World cup title(s): 3 (G), 1 (E), 0 (S & H)
  • Appearance in final: 7 (G), 1 (E), 2 (H), 0 (S)
  • Why support England: because Liverpool is under FA, and Stevie is the captain
  • Why support Spain: Pepe + Torres are currently in Liverpool, Xabi & Arbeloa are ex-Liverpool
  • Why support Holland: Kuyt is still in Liverpool
  • Why support Germany :  dunno. I just always support them

ga boong gue iseng banget -.-“