by livergirl

This afternoon parmo asked me and toz: how do we feel about these surprises in the world cup?

Basically we have the same opinion on this. We don’t mind if the surprises caused by a better team and under fair play environment. If the black horse has improved and became better than the favoured team, then why not? That will be a pleasant surprise at the end. The one thing that I hate is that usually the surprises came from external factors (usually weird referees) and also the other things other than the essence of football.

Such as the tendency to fall dramatically and act oscar-winning performances.

I was so mad at South Korea 8 years ago, and still is. (I sorta like vowed to never step my foot on that country. My mum used to tease me and said that maybe my soul mate is a Korean. Yea right. As if we can communicate.)


In the other extreme, I hate people who blame ridiculous things for their team’s loss. To be exact, I personally hate people who said that Germany favoured from the ball Jabulani and said that they have used it since December. Yea rite. Why protest now? There are tons of qualification matches, why didn’t you all sue adidas back then? Now German had lost, are you all satisfied? If adidas cheats so much, why don’t Kappa or Nike produce the official ball? Then I’m sure the english teams and the italians can familiarize themselves. Duh.